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2 mg/mL, 1 mL preservative-free Carpuject syringe (NDC 00409-1890-01)

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Hypotension: Like other ACE inhibitors, ACEON Tablets can cause symptomatic hypotension. ACEON Tablets has been associated with hypotension in 0.3% of uncomplicated hypertensive patients in U.S. placebo-controlled trials. Symptoms related to orthostatic hypotension were reported in another 0.8% of patients.

Sustiva has also been studied in 182 patients (of whom 177 were children aged between three months and 18 years) in combination with nelfinavir and other antiviral medicines.Efavirenz: Efavirenz is chemically described as (S)-6-chloro-4-(cyclopropylethynyl)-1,4dihydro-4-(trifluoromethyl)-2H-3,1-benzoxazin-2-one. Its molecular formula is C14H9ClF3NO2 and its structural formula is: National Migraine Association

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Enbrel is also supplied in a multiple-use vial as a sterile, white, preservative-free, lyophilized powder. Reconstitution with 1 mL of the supplied Sterile Bacteriostatic Water for Injection, USP (containing 0.9% benzyl alcohol) yields a multiple-use, clear, and colorless solution with a pH of 7.4 ± 0.3.

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DigoxinAGT?181 is a novel, investigational enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) for the treatment of neurological complications in patients with Hurler syndrome. Using ArmaGen’s proprietary technology, AGT-181 takes advantage of the body’s natural system for transporting products across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) by targeting the same receptor that delivers insulin to the brain. ArmaGen developed AGT-181 by re-engineering IDUA as an immunoglobulin G (IgG) fusion protein. The fusion protein binds to insulin receptors located on the surface of the BBB, enabling its passage into the brain.

25 mg/mL, 20 mL ampule (NDC 00641-6040-01)

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